Latest Update: 21/03/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Turn co-ordinator not indicating full six-degree turn - fixed

- Gap under right door - fixed

- FDE improvements, including reduced power required for taxying


- Improvements to night lighting

- Small gaps around some gauge bezels - fixed

- Magneto selector/ignition can now be controlled using magneto increase/decrease assignment

- Numerous FDE improvements, including:

  • Pitching caused by flaps increased
  • Lateral imbalance caused by only one pilot reduced
  • Angle of minimum drag adjusted
  • Pitch up with throttle increased
  • Gear compression values adjusted
  • Wheel rotation speed fixed

- Slip ball tube - texture fixed (now white)

- Elevator trim wheel now offers finer level of control

- Low voltage light now illuminates briefly on engine start

- Aircraft registration placard now illuminated correctly at night

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