Latest Update: 11/05/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- P3Dv5 compatibility
- Dynamic lighting
- New hangar added
- New static aircraft
- Night textures revised
- Numerous general fixes


- SODE v1.6.2 (and higher) compatibility
- Upgraded installer


- Updated ground markings and vertical signs markings

- Poles with stand numbers at UBBB T1 added

- VGDS at UBBB T1 available for FSX

- Missing fences and vegetation added at UBBB

- Firefighters' Tu-154 added

- Some textures fixed/changed

- Maiden Tower in Baku city

- Autogen fixed in lite sceneries when used without photoscenery

- UB10 changed to UBBL and Stepanakert to Khankendi

- Charts updated

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