If you've installed the Newcastle to Edinburgh route, then the scenarios and content will be there as long as you are viewing the menus in Train Simulator correctly.

The way that the scenario menus work in Train Simulator can be confusing, so we strongly suggest using the following method to locate and select your routes and scenarios:
  • Start Train Simulator 2018
  • Press the ‘Drive’ icon
  • Press either the ‘Standard’ or the ‘Free Roam’ tab, depending on which type of scenario you are selecting
  • Use the right up/down slider to scroll through the routes until you find the route and its scenario that you are looking for
  • Highlight it with your mouse and click on the ‘Start’ icon on the lower right area of the window

Note: We would advise you not to use the ‘Search’ box at the top right of the menu, as it does not display all of the available scenarios.

If you use the icon picture filters on the left to try and find a route, it’s easy to get lost in the menus. We therefore do not recommend this method of searching for routes and locomotives.