Latest Update: 01/06/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- P3D v5 compatibility added

- Flap lever tool-tip changed to show degrees rather than percent deployed

- Cockpit side panels protruding through glass - fixed

- Airspeed indicator range arcs updated to more closely match the real aircraft

- RPM gauge needle missing - fixed

- Engine start sounds missing - fixed

- Attitude indicator not indicating correctly when in descent - fixed

- Tool-tip added for navigation light switch

- Strobe light effects removed to more closely match the real aircraft

- Black object visible from port cockpit window on MK8 - fixed

- Texture/mapping improvements

Paint kit:

- Adjusted the wire frames of the wing roots

- Added identification to where the wing root leading edges are on the PSD

- Added waterline marks and adjusted the wire-frames of the engines

- Added identification to where the wing leading edges are on the PSD

An FDE switcher tool is provided in this update. The tool allows you to select between three different FDE options:
- Standard - Updated to address reports of poor takeoff performance, climb rate and trim authority. This is the default option.

- Alternative - As above but with increased aircraft performance and handling characteristics 

- Original - The FDE originally supplied with the product

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