For optimal performance we have included a switcher tool (PA28 Warrior Model Switcher), located in the Start Menu, which allows you to switch between three cockpit variants:

  • No Flight1 GTN or GNS - features the KX 170 (COM1/NAV1) and GPS 100. This is the default option.
  • Flight1 GTN 650-750 model - integrated Flight1 GTN 650 and 750
  • Flight1 GNS 430-530 model - integrated Flight1 GNS 430 and 530

With either the Flight1 GTN or GNS models selected, you can switch between the available GPS options using the Add-ons > Just Flight PA28 Warrior II menu within your simulator.

Note: If you are using the Flight1 GNS, please make sure to toggle the 'navigation source' by clicking on the GNS' SD card to select the unit (GNS 430, GNS 530 or Flight Simulator GPS) which you are using. This will ensure that the autopilot navigation mode is using the correct source. Refer to the Flight1 documentation for more information.