There are many reasons why you may not be seeing traffic appearing in your simulator. This FAQ will cover some of the most common issues, however, we would recommend contacting Just Flight support if you are still having issue with traffic generation after trying the steps listed below.

As a first step, whilst loaded into an airport, we recommend opening the FS Traffic in-game menu and clicking the REMOVE TRAFFIC button, followed by clicking the REGENERATE TRAFFIC button. If traffic is still not visible, we recommend restarting the simulator.

If traffic is not visible after restarting the simulator, open the Schedules Manager in the Traffic Control Centre (see separate download) to confirm that flights are scheduled to operate at the time and day currently selected in your simulator.

If flights are scheduled to depart around the time you have loaded into the simulator, then the issue may be caused by the airport not having correct gate sizes set up (as most MSFS default airports are Ai generated, the sizes of the gates and parking areas may be set too small to allow FS Traffic aircraft to generate). This can be resolved by opening the Options tab in the Traffic Control Centre and setting the Wingspan Options to “Compatibility Mode (High)” and confirming the change.

MSFS also has an object limit within the simulator, which at very busy airports with lots of ground clutter (cones, people, stairs, etc) can cause this object limit to be exceeded, preventing any further objects from generating. This can prevent Ai traffic from generating. To reduce the amount of clutter at airports, go to Aircraft Manager > Ground Services in the Traffic Control Centre, and choose the ‘Set No Ground Services’ Option. This will prevent ground services (baggage, catering, etc) from interacting with the Ai aircraft, and allow additional objects to generate in the simulator.