FS Traffic aircraft models may be invisible, and the simulator may hang on exit if the simulator’s maximum object count has been exceeded. This may occur if you are using highly detailed third-party airport sceneries or airport ground service add-ons (such as cones, people, stairs etc.) which add clutter to airports These products greatly increase the object count within the simulator and, in extreme circumstances, may exceed the MSFS maximum object count limit.  


In an attempt to reduce object count within the simulator, we have included a tool in the Traffic Control Centre that allows you to customise which ground services interact with the FS Traffic aircraft models. In the Traffic Control Centre, go to Aircraft Manager > Ground Services and there you can toggle ON/OFF the various pieces of ground equipment. The more ground equipment enabled, the higher the object count. Three presets are also available on the left side of the page to allow you to quickly change these ground services. 


If you are concerned about a specific product increasing the object count in MSFS, we advise you to contact the product’s developer directly.