The A380 is the largest aircraft in the FS Traffic fleet and has the largest wingspan, which means it requires an airport to have at least one gate capable of accommodating an aircraft of its size.

Unfortunately many airports in MSFS have incorrect gate sizes set, causing issues where certain aircraft cannot use the same gates they would in the real world (A380s at Dubai being one example of this).

We have included a ‘Wingspan Options’ setting on the Traffic Control Centre > Options page that allows you to quickly adjust the wingspan values of the FS Traffic aircraft. Setting this option to ‘Compatibility Mode (Low)’ will slightly reduce the size of the FS Traffic aircraft’s wingspan values, allowing aircraft with larger wingspans to generate at gates set up for aircraft with smaller wingspans. The ‘Compatibility Mode (High)’ option reduces the wingspan options even further, and is recommended if you use a larger number of default MSFS airports.

If you find a third-party airport with a gate size issue, we advise you to contact the scenery developer directly for a potential fix.