Latest Update: 2022/08/08

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Textures for prominent buildings, such as main terminals and windows, have been redone in 4k for higher detail

- Enhanced PBR effects on buildings, windows, and walls

- Improved modelling on main terminal buildings and hangars, adding additional details

- Enhanced night lighting on terminal windows

- Added LODs for increased performance

- Added elevation to Maurice Bishop Intl (TGPY)

- Added VOR station to Maurice Bishop Intl (TGPY)

- Removed duplicated car parking at Piarco International (TTPP) caused by an update

- Added additional aircraft and equipment to hangars at Piarco International (TTPP)

- Fixed window reflections on static helicopters at Piarco International (TTPP)

- Improved details to main terminal at ANR Robinson International (TTCP)

- Improved radar dome texture at ANR Robinson International (TTCP)

- Shortened trees that interfered with a normal approach to runway 10 at ANR Robinson International (TTCP)

- Updated static aircraft liveries

- Improved runway markings

- Due to the addition of 4k textures, the size of the package after installation has increased from 123MB to 391MBv

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