Latest Update: 2022/08/02

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- RANDOM & SCHEDULED FAILURE OPTIONS & MORE STATE SAVING  ~  By popular request, 91 unique failures ranging from catastrophic engine failure to fuel leaks, and all electrical failures, can now be set, reset, toggled, and scheduled via a period accurate interface on the "MAP and "LOG" screens of the in-panel weather radar.  Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) can be set for each failure, saved between sessions, and accelerated up to 1024x real-time.  Failures of nearly every on board system now force you to use in-game checklists for guidance.  Engine condition is now viewable and repairable, and is saved between flights.  Oxygen pressure is also now saved between flights and requires manual refill.
- Added Cabin Temperature Gauge and complete environmental control system. Cool things off by opening a window, or watch the airplane heat up in the sun. See manual for details on heat, A/C, and ventilation systems.
- Added Outside Air Temperature Gauge above windshield near pilots head upon request. OAT is also available on the transponder via the "FUNC" button.
- Inertial separator reduces torque by ~7% (125 ft-lbs at max Tq.)
- Cabin bleed air heat increases ITT
- Starter lag reduced, and new Ng calculation implemented.
- Revised KI-256 Attitude Indicator model upon request.
- Included some easily accessible L:Vars in AnalogCaravan.xml for cockpit builders and 3rd party product integration.
- Removed "simulator limitations" from the manual for "ITT should be more limiting at high altitude", and "Torque Bloom not simulated", as these have been added to the Black Square Turbine Dynamics Simulation.
Bug Fixes:
- Significantly improved aerodynamics and performance, especially on takeoff. Engine performance more closely matches the PT6-114A (675 SHP). Takeoff distances tested with POH values. More realistic TAS in cruise. ITT and FF reduced to match real world performance samples.
- Turbine engine response to rapid power increase at low airspeeds improved.
- Reduced fuel flow spike when going from low to high idle.
- Opening storm window now affects sound attenuation.
- Autopilot annunciator lights no longer white, but amber, as they are incandescent.
- Radar Altimeter upper bounds reduced by ~500ft.
- KNS-80 labels tweaked.
- Added Propeller Governor Test to Checklist.
- Added Cabin Mixing Air operation to Checklist.
- Fixed NAV3 & NAV4 not working on SU10 Beta.
- Manual updated with all new features.  Now over 70 pages!

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