1. Go to your community folder.
  2. Find the bksq package folder for the product (bksq-us-bcde, bksq-euro etc)
  3. In this folder go to scenery\Global\Asobo_Props\TEXTURE
  5. Go to your official folder. Official\Steam for the steam version and official\onestore for the store version
  6. In this folder go to \fs-base\scenery\Global\Asobo_Props\TEXTURE
  7. Find the TAXI_SIGN_SYMBOL.PNG.DDS file and rename it by adding .bak at the end (this is optional, but necessary if you want to restore the original textures later)
  8. Paste the file you copied before.
  9. Note that if you have several bksq packages installed you only need to do this once as all packages use the same shared sign texture


To get the back of the taxi sign textures if you have installed the optional textures option you will also need to do the same thing but with \Community\bksq-optional-textures\scenery\global\asobo_props\texture\TAXI_SIGN_BACK_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS instead. The ground textures seem to work fine as-is.