Latest Update: 2022/08/18

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed an issue with the prop feather switches making the prop levers disappearing

v1.4.0 - 2022/08/10

- A blank texture with no markings

- Changed the compression of the textures for more crispiness. 

v1.33.7 - 2022/06/27 

- The steps showing at all times has been fixed

v1.2.1 - 2021/12/06

- Code error was stopping the door from opening fixed

v1.1.1a - 2021/11/09
- Small tweak to the compass code. This entailed new models and one new texture



- Opening windows. 

- Amelia Earhart version.

Changes/ Bug fixes:

- Removal of toggle-able modern radios to a separate model set. 

- Flaps indicator now coded.

- Mixture levers correctly animated. 

- Brightened the whiskey compass ( this is a whiskey compass and is reading correctly directly from  game raw data ). 

- Added co-pilot weights. 

- Right tail mapping issue resolved

- Added more degrees to the castoring wheel.

- added inop tooltips to inoperable knobs. 

- Slightly lowered the right contact point to ensure that if you DONT move the empty CG weight it sits on the ground correctly. Please note that if you do change the empty weight position the weight distribution of the aircraft changes and this will have an affect on the contact points to the ground.

- Changed the direction of the flap switch 

- Lowered the sounds by 8.21 db each sound. Should you still want the louder sounds they are packaged as a 7zip fil in the main directory.

- Manual changed to reflect the changes in the radios section.


- Tailwheel lock now works.

- The glass bug introduced with this update has been fixed.


- Diagonal "glitch" was the window and not a glitch. An Electra has 2 windows on the side that slide. In version 1.0 we did not have the windows opening. Now we have and therefore this "glitch" should now make sense.

- Fuel needles are correct and correctly indicate percentage of fuel. If you aren't seeing this then this almost certainly has something to do with your units settings and/or your actual windows system settings. 

-  To get the Sperry to work the AS3x was moved to a separate model with separate settings.

- Earhart's Electra carried extra fuel and the range was estimated at 4500 miles with proper engine management. We have done our best to replicate this but of course she never finished the flight so we'll never know whether the estimates were correct. 

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