Latest Update: 2022/06/24

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New sound pack based on customer feedback.

v1.5.24 - 22/12/2021

- We have fixed an issue for the fuel usage of the spitfire for MSFS and also have outputted the file with the latest SDK version as of MSFS V1.21.13

v1.5.1 - 25/10/2021

- SU6 Fixes

v1.5 - 19/10/2021

- This Upgrade contains several fixes for various issues, improvements to models and code and engine overheat failure and crash modelling.

v1.4 - 27/09/2021


- True castoring tailwheel added with new ground-handling code.

- Revised livery textures for more authenticity


- Improved textures and extra detail in some areas.

- Revised coding for Alternator Switch

- Engine Oil and Coolant temperature gauges re-coded to give more accurate function.

- 10,000 ft. needle added to Altimeter

- Gyro compass and knob improved for better function

- Pedal action reversed

- KiGass primer re-animated ( start position IN).

- Fuel Pressure cock and primer sequence re-coded.

- Light leak on panel shroud eliminated.

- Gear indicator lights switch now functional on throttle quadrant.


- Improved engine performance envelope

- Adjustments made to ground handling to counter SU5 and WU6 changes in sim.



“gap” in engine start-up sequence removed.

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