Latest Update: 27/09/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed sound issue for the MK1 Watts Propeller 19 Sqn Livery


- Updated file names to no longer conflict with the Battle of Britain Spitfire (FSX&FSX:SE only)


- Fabric aileron modelling and texture effect enhanced.

- Fabric elevator texture effect enhanced.

- Cockpit vent interior detail modelled and vent action reversed to open correctly

- Push-out in canopy Perspex revised to show correctly.

- Rudder horn and pushrod animations corrected.

- Missing landing light well in Mk1A right wing replaced.

- Hydraulic reservoir tank added to pump gear models

- Missing voltage regulator wiring added.

- Revised position for flare chute door on fuselage underside.

- Contact points adjusted.

- Revised gauge to prevent CTD (crash to desktop) in P3DV4.2

- Revised gunsight in Mk1A to eliminate "flickering".

- Revised Aircraft CFGs to change contrail to puffier version.

- Revised Init gauge to enable saving of fuel tank selector state at the end of a flight.

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