Users who have both the Spitfire Duxford scenery and British Airports volume 2 (or its UK2000 equivalent) (East) installed may encounter some visual problems with the scenery.

To be able to use the Spitfire version of Duxford fully the British Airports version should be completely disabled.

This tool allows you to Enable and Disable the British Airports version of Duxford with a single click.

1. Download the file to your computer
2. Locate the file and double-click on it to install the tool.
3. ollow the on-screen prompts to install the tool to your Flight Simulator folder

When the install is finished you will see a new "Duxford Disable" Icon on your desktop. When you wish to disable or enable the British Airports Duxford double-click on this icon and then press the appropriate "Enable" or "Disable" button on the window that will appear.

This tool is designed for the British Airports volume 2 (East) scenery. It will also work with the UK2000 Part 4 scenery.