These updates include an extensive set of replacment textures and some minor tweaks and bug fixes. Also a revised pilot and completely new animated pilot are included

To faciliate the new feature of being able to open the cockpit door by pulling the latch using the mouse the door open key command has changed to Spoilers Extend/Retract (/ key)

When installing these updates the Spitfire CD must be in your CD drive

Before installing any of the individual aircraft updates the  'Shared Texture' update must be installed


Individual Aircraft Updates

Please download to your desktop and run with the Spitfire CD in the drive.

Prototype 6.98MB

Mk Is 19.6MB

Mk IIs 13.1MB

Mk Vb 19.7MB

Mk Vc 14.3MB

Mk IX 16MB

Mk IXE 19.7MB

Mk IXT 14.1MB

Mk XIX 10.9MB

Mk XIV 20.3MB

Mk 22 10.9MB