Q: I bought South Western Expressways from Just Trains. Do I qualify for the discounted price to buy South Western Expressways – Reading from Just Trains?


A: Good news! Yes you do!


Q: As a Just Trains purchaser of South Western Expressways, where do I find the discount code to apply on the Just Trains website to buy South western Expressways – Reading?


A: As an owner you should have received that code in an email that we have sent out. If you have not received the email then please contact Just Trains support.


Q: I purchased South Western Expressways from Steam from Dovetail Games. Do I qualify to purchase the discounted version of Southwestern Expressways-Reading direct from Just Trains?


A: Unfortunately this is not possible. Just Trains and Dovetail Games are in the process of allowing Steam version owners to purchase a discounted Steam-Dovetail Games version in the future. We have no timescale on this but will give out an update as soon as there is one. 


Q: I love South Western Expressways and want to keep it installed. Can I install South Western Expressways-Reading and have them both installed alongside each other at the same time?


A: Yes you can! They use separate file locations to allow this.


Q: I have both South Western Expressways and South Western Expressways-Reading installed, however I uninstalled South Western Expressways and now some items are missing from South Western Expressways-Reading. How do I fix this? 


A: Please uninstall South Western Expressways-Reading and then re-install it and all will be fixed! 


Q: In South Western Expressways there is a SWT reskin livery for the Class 158. Is this included in South Western Expressways-Reading?


A: No this is not included however if you leave South Western Expressways installed then this reskin should still be available to use in South Western Expressways-Reading.

Q. I don’t see an .exe file to install the program. The download comes as a .Zip. How do I install it?

A. Right click on the downloaded file and open/extract it. In the extracted files double click on the file named: setup.exe to start the install process. Note: you may need to use something like 7zip if the file is too large for the default Windows Extractor