Latest Update: 06/05/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Added IDENT feature - when changing transponder code, you need to click the "IDENT" switch to set the new code in the system

- Added custom ADI caging and adjustment logic

- Changed hydraulic system logic - pressure tied to engine RPM

- DME begins off. You need to increase brightness manually


- Added missing windshield.ini, which will activate canopy rain effects

- Corrected contact points to fix nose sinking when brakes were held on engine run-up

- Strengthened the brakes

- increased gear damaging speed from 135 knots to 250. Gear will no longer remain locked down if you don't raise it before 135 knots

- Increased instructor's head movement speed

- Gear & canopy locking lights no longer illuminate when power is off

- Fixed airspeed barber pole jumping bug

- Fixed Course Indicator OFF flags which were visible under wrong circumstances

- ILS & CDI are centered when inactive

- Fixed transponder which indicated incorrect values

- Fixed NAV radio digits that initialised at 100MHz

- Fixed NAV radio digits skipping .00 mark

- Fixed clippy gear warning sound on the ground

- Fixed repetitive canopy warning sound

- Fixed bugs in canopy system operationFixed POS & STROBE LIGHT switch which snapped to the OFF position when battery power was off


- Fixed broken canopy jettison logic

- Fixed speedbrake which worked only on battery power. Hydraulic pressure is now required

- Fixed INOP rudder when battery was off

- Cleared numerous redundant effects

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