Latest Update: 28/06/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Update 051119
- P3D 4.5 compatibility updates
- Fixed issue regarding precipitation rate in GetWeatherInfoXML API function
- Added elevation output in GetWeatherInfoXML API function (when available)
- Fixed recurring “P3D not elevated” message when P3D not set to run as administrator and P3D takes longer than a few seconds to load and connect with ASP4
- Fixed issue regarding saving wx files and being able to load them on another client
- Fixed issue with “Save manually changed weather” prompt during http/API wx/mode changes not properly being suppressed
- Fixed issue where ASConnect module may not log correctly in some cases

Update 031519
- Fixed issue with privacy policy popup reminder message even when it had already been accepted
- Added correct handling of VV/// in METAR reports (0ft AGL cloud base)
- Added 5-second delay when looping ATIS/FlightWatch messages
- Fixed potential memory leak/crash/OOM regarding logging
- P3D Compatibility Updates
- Attempted fix for Privacy Policy “Unable to download” issue preventing acceptance
- Fixed issue with dewpoint at higher elevation airports
- Added new API http feature to get extended weather information via GetWeatherInfoXML function
- Added new API functionality to change audio volume
- Added new API functionality to get active AIRMET and SIGMET data
- Updated API documentation


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