Latest Update: 23/05/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Updated INS unit

- INS ‘INSERT’ light not illuminating in virtual cockpit – fixed


-Main-deck fuel tanks removed from C1K exterior model

- 2D pop-up panel added for door control

- AC and DC systems logic - fixed

- Standby TRU indications - fixed

- Ground power available light logic - fixed

- Generator frequency shows 400Hz with the generator control relay tripped - fixed

- Ground Power Breaker trip logic - fixed

- Main DC Supply FAIL light - fixed

- Split System Breaker MI logic inverted - fixed

- Fuel contents over-reading - fixed

- Fuel Contents gauges ghost image - fixed

- Taxi/landing lights illuminating cockpit - fixed

- ADI computer flag warning - fixed

- Ready to fly' panel state failing to start engine 4 - fixed

- Engine number markings on HP Cocks are difficult to read - fixed

- Engine P7 Indications incorrect shutdown and idle - fixed

- Navigators DME display tool-tip - fixed

- Hydraulic panel warning light colour - fixed

- Engine fire handles have no effect on fuel, hydraulics or anti-ice systems - fixed

- Fuel used indication 1000s and 10000s digits – fixed


- Call-out and custom sounds added:

  • Takeoff thrust set
  • 80 knots on takeoff roll
  • V-speeds
  • Positive rate-of-climb
  • Gear down/up
  • Parking brake set
  • No-smoking and seat belts sounds

- First Officer ASI speed bug - fixed

- HSI only moving in 10 degree increments with electrical power off - fixed

- Engine ignition logic - fixed

- Fuel flow-meter scales - fixed

- Standby TRU indicator logic - fixed


- INS 2 (overhead) controls fixed

- In-flight refuelling probe added to virtual cockpit

- Gauge illumination now functional in daytime

- Thumbnails updated

- APU starting issue fixed

- Super and RAF variant descriptions updated

- Missing effects added

- Tutorial flight files updated to fix possible CTDs

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