Latest Update: 30/01/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- CTD related to TCAS System

- Controls freeze temporarily when TOGA mode engaged (Avro RJ only)

- Gear and Flaps do not retract occasionally

- TOGA engine spool rate too slow

- When plane on the ground and spoiler lever moved more than 25%, the lever goes to “LIFT SPLR”

- TCAS supported keypresses affect throttles

- Engine start sounds cycle after engine shutdown

- FD Take off pitch guidance does not command V2+20

- IAS/Mach changeover occurs too late

- TGT needles slightly offset (BAe146-100/-200)

- GNLU ARR page: unable to select transitions on page 2

- Default VNAV speeds too slow

- Landing light halo shows even though battery is off

- Flaps move when engines 2 & 3 are off

- Improved braking performance

- Improved engine spool rate

- Improved taxi behavior

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