Latest Update: 04/05/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- EPMO and EPBC native p3dv4/v5 dynamic lighting
- General fixes
 - P3Dv5 compatibility

- EPMO updated buildings and ground poly, mesh and performance fix, P3Dv4 native ground with reflection and rain effect
- Photoreal tuning
- Several new objects added


- Exclude area in EPMO in P3Dv4 fixed (default terminal removed)

- Some night textures fixed/changed

- New static aircraft in EPMO - Ryanair's B737 MAX 200

- It is now possible to remove some VFR scenery via installer for better performance


- New fully customised lighting system in EPMO in EPBC; possible to switch lights ON by selecting NAV2 112.00MHz

- Fully automatic seasonal changes (SODE required)


- P3Dv3 compatibility added

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