Latest Update: 01/09/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

- Gunsight reticle not returning after using the cold dark start option.

- Fuel issue with bomb bay draining when you have selected left wing.

- Effects have been remade for compatibility with P3d V4. They have changed for all other simulators as a side effect of compatibility with this simulator. Tested in FSX:A, P3d V2.5, P3d v3.4 and P3d V4.x. Those pesky rear guns are working ( stock unmodified versions of the tested simulators )

- Installer for v4. We are installing into the main directory of V4 and not the documents directory. If this is an issue then install to a temporary directory and copy the necessary files to the necessary folders. 


- With further development work, we have now been able to fix the DX9 issue some customers were experiencing without the need for an extra model.  So now, all users whether DX9 or DX10 can use the same FSX installer. As a bonus we have also included a new livery for the SB2C-4 which is a NAS Rescue Unit out of Hawaii. Enjoy!



- Rear canopy opens with Shift/E+2

- Turtledeck and guns operate using a keystroke combination of your choice for "WaterBallast"

- The rear gunner will swivel and man the guns using Shift/E+3

- The Autopilot is now fitted with Altitude, Heading and NAV hold switches using existing knobs

- The Fuel selector has improved logic.

- Rear guns swivel to the right of the fin and rudder.

- Extra incidental sounds have been added to the soundpack

- The gunsight is now collimated.

- Various mapping adjustments for textures

- Texture amendments

- Panel lines added to main fuselage tile in the Paintkit

- Missing wing root replaced in VC view

- Various erronious switch labels removed or corrected.

- Numerous detail fixes in and around the cockpits.

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