Latest Update: 07/03/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Deleted building "Cargo-Nord"

- Deleted building "Schrauben Würth"

- Deleted building "Mövenpick Messe Hotel"

- Deleted building old "Flughafenwaltung Stuttgart"

- Deleted building "Losch-Airport-Service"

- Deleted building "Parkhaus 10"

- Deleted bulding old "Pforte Ost"

- Added building "Stuttgart Airport City - FSG"

- Added building "SkyLoop-Daimler-Ernst&Young"

- Added building "McDonald's"

- Added building "Pforte Ost - neu"

- Added building "Wyndham Hotel"

- Added building "Parkhaus 14 - SAB"

- Added building "DHL Express Station Stuttgart Flughafen"

- Added building "Airort Business Center Süd"

- Added building "Heizzentrale BHKW-west"

- Added deicing equipment near "Pforte West"

- Added WigWags

- Corrected aerial layout

- Corrected apron-road layout

- Corrected aerial vegetation layout

- Optimize Dynamic Lights

- Changed to add-ons.xml activation

- Changed Configtool


- Release / Support for P3DV4

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