Latest Update: 24/04/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Canopy railing gaps removed

- Rudder trim animation and control direction - fixed

- Stall sound added

- HP/LP cocks - now initialised correctly when the aircraft is first loaded and when auto-start (Ctrl+E) is used. Mouse-wheel operation added for improved usability.

- EGT disparity between engines 1 and 2 - fixed

- Occasional electrical failures - fixed

- Navigation hold switch added to autopilot

- Red cockpit flood light added (switch above Machmeter)

- VOR needle colour changed for improved visibility at night

- Flap sound volume increased


- Interior nacelle main spar and engine details now black.

- Denser, darker glass on camera windows for the FR.9 models.

- Black detailing in camera bay.

- Paint correction on air-brakes for VZ467 aircraft.

- Smaller navigation lights all models.

- Increased ambient occlusion shadow on wheel mudguards.

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