Latest Update: 05/12/2012


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Reinstalling the product will remove any additional repaints that you have added to the aircraft. Please make sure to back up any repaints prior to reinstalling the product.


- BONUS! 146-300 model with five liveries included

New - Panel selector icons added to virtual cockpit

New - FMC icon added to panel selector

New - NAV 2 radio icon added to panel selector

Auto-start functionality improved (clicking Auto start icon now sets up aircraft fully for takeoff)

New - Auto-shutdown functionality added (clicking on Auto start icon for a second time will configure aircraft in cold & dark state)

New - Ambient cockpit sound added

Slow/Fast scale on AI operating in reverse - fixed

Jetway alignment for passenger door not correct - fixed

FDE improved (aileron and rudder response etc)

No avionics power until engines are started - fixed

Clickspots for ALT SEL on 2D panel open VHF NAV radio popup - fixed

Green elevator trim band missing from virtual cockpit - fixed

Avionics section of overhead panel in 2D and virtual cockpit don't match - fixed

APU cannot be heard after start sound finishes - fixed

Altimeter resets to 2992/1013.2 rather than the correct pressure setting - fixed

Engine oil temperatures are too low (not in the green) at all operating conditions - fixed

GPWS multiple callouts (e.g ten-ten-ten) - fixed

Hydraulic systems are operating at 3400 psi, should be 3000 psi - fixed

AC sources (APU, engine generators and ext AC) are operating at 125 VAC, should be 115 VAC - fixed

DC TRUs are operating at 32 VDC, should be 28 VDC - fixed

V speed callouts operating midair - fixed

For 146 Livery & FMC pack users (in addition to the above)

- BONUS! Four new 146-300 liveries included

- FMC issue on non-English language PCs (FMC flightplan page showing 'iiii') fixed

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