Latest Update: 18/02/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- This update makes the route compatible with Midland Main Line: Derwent Valley Line. The route trees have been replaced by new items which also give a much more authentic look and feel during winter settings.


- Fixed floating cable trough in UP direction just past S 38 Signal.

- Fixed scenario 1C35 10.29 Sheffield to St Pancras collision error with AI.
- Fixed scenario 1Q34 Derby R.T.C - Hull AI leaving path "1F08"

- Added scenario 6M83 Doncaster Belmont - Bescot Yard (Oovee TEA). This uses the Oovee TEA - wagon from the Class 70 pack from Steam for those who do not have the TEA wagon that is now no longer available.

- Fixed scenario 1R86 that had missing stock.

- Fixed stations not showing in anything but maximum graphics settings if below 10 on density slider.

- Passenger steps added to concourse of Platform 5 at Sheffield Station.

- Fixed LOD issues on some of the route assets.

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