Latest Update: 08/07/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- fixes critical issue with cargo offloading in
- fixes issue with overland transports not arriving
- fixes issue with wrong starting cash for Career modes


- Fixed an issue with AI pilots offloading cargo accidentally if it had the same destination address as where they were located (i.e. commodities)

- Fixed issue on Import aircraft dialog if all known aircraft already imported

- Fixed issue with pax sectors being processed after their designated times, NB this will take 7 days real time to bring them all back into line, but they will be flown (just later than expected) until then.

- Fixed issue with type ratings being duplicated for Crew members in the Marketplace

- Tidied up pax sector calendar page

- Copying pax sectors between days now schedules them correctly

- Fixed issue whereby completing a supply mission didn't award the correct reputation

- Fixed issue where stock finder was incorrectly showing tier 2+ commodities rather than just tier 1

- Resolved issue where cargo loading screen showed at the current airport rather than the depature airport when hand flying a pax sector out of sequence

- You can now correctly transfer a fleet aircraft to your VA

- Added VA permission for transferring Aircraft (off by default for all pilots)

- Added VA permission for transferring funds to the VA (off by default for all pilots)

- Fixed issue with AH2 window resizing itself for no apparent reason when windowed

- The Fleet list now shows pilots assigned to pax sectors

- Added new "New Version available" window which includes patch notes (from onwards)


- Resolved a possible issue which occurs if a custom Flt/Pln path doesn't exist
- Accepted jobs now refreshes after job completion after cargo un-loading
- Remove "EA" from the forum button
- Added "Draw Jobs" option to Accepted Jobs map
- Fixed issue with Supply missions not updating when commodities delivered
- Single job doesn't populate details on overview map?
- You can now set the in-menu shortcut key combination from the options page (Shift+F5 is now the default)
- Resolved with pax sectors being completed before they should be flown on the next cycle

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