Latest Update: 28/08/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New installer

- Arriva: Added final missing train names

- NS: Added destination "Baarn"

- All: Added shortcuts Y/C to duplicate R/F for cruise speed up/down

- All: Horn sounds re-done with loop points

- Suwex: Horn sounds corrected

- Suwex: Changed sticker "DB Regio AG / Region Sudwest / Trier" to "DB Regio AG / Region Mitte / Trier"

- Suwex: Added functioning external brake indicators to A/B wagons


- New: Arriva version

- NS/Rnet: door open whistle alternates high/low

- NS/Rnet/Arriva: added exterior brake status lights

- Arriva: New handbook, with added ATB-NG information

- Arriva: Vehicle names *for the ones that are currently known*

- All: Updated documentation with new features


- All: Ctrl-F9 and Ctrl-F10 now auto-repeat for changing destination boards

- All: When handbrake is engaged, throttle should be  locked or at least not be allowed to add power

- All: Better speed control brake holding when going down long inclines - maintains speed much closer to target now

- All: Default cab light to OFF

- All: Turned down intensity of the blue in the MFDs

- All: For modders - changing the blueprint Maximum value for the control “CruiseTargetSpeedIndicator” will allow the speed limiter to go higher than factory standard. Standard for NS/Rnet is 140. Standard for Süwex is 160. Making this value 200 will allow the cruise limiter to go up to 200km/h BUT the in-cab indicator will only go as high as the analog dial allows.

- All: Added sand sprayers to front bogies

- All: External cab textures now not luminous - cab is dark at night

- NS: Added NS Logo to the nose

- NS: Added 'door closed' light to main instrument panel in cab

- NS: Added fictional destination “IJdam” to NS version

- NS/Rnet: added cab light button on right console

- NS/Rnet: Fixed analog speedometer needle to be more accurate

- NS/Rnet: door closing sound to be the same as Suwex version.

- Süwex: PZB pickup added to front bogie

- Süwex: Fixed disappearing combination handle (would disappear when right at the bottom of the screen)

- Süwex: Swapped red and yellow brake needles (were wrong way around)

- Süwex: Changed PZB fully restrictive mode - 15 seconds below 10km/h. Does NOT automatically go into restrictive mode if you come to a stop, unless you’ve been stopped for more than 15 seconds.

- All : Documentation updated to reflect all the above changes.

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