Just Flight - PA-28-161 Warrior (MSFS)

Product Changelog

PA-28-161 Warrior (MSFS) Changelog
Latest Update: 2023/08/18 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v0.3.8 - TDS GTNXi autopilot compatibility fixes - Missing...
Fri, 18 Aug, 2023 at 2:20 PM


To download the manual, please click on the download link below. Aircraft Manual ODM Manual
How To Get The Latest Update?
Log in to your Just Flight account here, locate the PA-28R Arrow III (for MSFS) and download the new software.   You do not need to unin...
Cockpit Interaction System
Due to the latest version of MSFS and their update for use with the Xbox, we are currently advising customers to switch their Cockpit Interaction System bac...
Why Is The Aircraft Behaving Erratically After Take-Off?
The flight dynamics have been developed using the latest MSFS techniques and therefore you must have your flight model set to ‘Modern’ for the aircraft to...
PMS50 GTN750 Integration
In order to obtain this you must download this first from their site below: https://pms50.com/msfs/ If you wish to use the PREMIUM version then both...
Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo Users
If you are using either the Alpha and or Bravo you will need to do one of 2 things for the GNS430/530 to work: 1) Make sure that the AVIONICS BUS 1 swit...
Error During Installation (Long File Path)
The cause of this is because the file path name is too long for Windows to read (Windows has a character limit of 256 characters)  The best fix...
Co-Pilot Views
Due to the MSFS co-pilot being designed to show up only on the exterior, we've used a bit of a workaround which means that the exterior co-pilot model...
How Can I Apply My Own Aircraft Registration?
If you’d like to use your own registration, select the ‘Custom’ livery and input your chosen registration using the standard MSFS aircraft options menu. ...
Where Is The PSD Paint Kit?
The PSD paint kit can be found in the ‘justflight-aircraft-pa28-warrior-ii\Documents’ folder.
I Am Unable To Start The Engine
Please check the following items: Fuel flow - To ensure sufficient fuel flow for ignition, confirm that the fuel selector is set to LEFT or RIGHT, the fue...
How Do I Enable The GNS And GTN?
The EFB tablet allows you to toggle between the GPS 100, GNS 430/530 and GTN750
Why Is The Low Voltage Warning Light Illuminated?
The low voltage warning light will illuminate if: The electrical bus voltage drops below approximately 12.5 volts The engine is left below 1400 RPM for...
How Do I Hide The EFB Tablet?
It can be toggled using the I/COMM switch on the right instrument panel.
How Can I Control The Doors And Ground Equipment?
The doors and ground equipment can be controlled using the EFB tablet.
Optimal Controller Sensitivity Settings
We recommend the following sensitivity settings for the roll and pitch axis:
NAV1/OBS1 Not Functional
Make sure that the GPS is displaying VLOC rather than GPS by pressing the CDI button
Honeycomb Yoke Start Issue
Users with that yoke will need to backup/delete the engines.cfg file from the aircraft folder (Community\justflight-aircraft-pa28-warrior-ii\SimObjects\Airp...