Latest Update: 2023/09/25

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Update 25092023

- Added GPS tablet

- Added a new model for different livery's

- Re-worked texture layout (old liveries not compatible)

- Added AO to textures

- Added sounds

- Changed engine sound

- Added FSRealistic profile to their cloud

- New and updated livery's

- Updated some model parts to higher detail

- Updated checklist

- Added two magneto switches

- Added side prop blur

- Added Ukulele in rear luggage area

- New seat model

- Added detail map to textures

- Fully VR compatible

- Startup smoke

- Correct magnetic compass reading

- Tweaked flight model

- New door animation with conditions

- Added scratches to gauge glass

Update - 2022/05/24

- SU9 Compatibility added

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