Latest Update: 2022/05/20

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed ILS for runway 17

- Updated advertisement on jetways

- Some light indications of a construction that began several months ago. The building was 

remodelled just on the center area of terminal B.

V1.2.0 MAY 13 2022

- I removed the issue that makes the ground go black (This was after MSFS update 5 or 6). 

- Added original animated airport workers on tarmac Based on the behaviour I’ve recorded and 

observed while being in MDSD. (In the future they will be more people and wear the Vinci logo, 

different faces… for v2.0)

- Added original taxi lights model the airport utilizes.

- Fixed some vegetation spots.

- Opened the PAWA hangar and added a bit of life inside. You can now spawn in it or park and 

receive ground service to your plane.

- Added original lights throughout the airport. 

- And many other minor fixes not worth mentioning.

I will be adding interiors to as much areas as I can after I release my second airport. The updated version 

of MDSD will be titled v2.0 And I will be adding original airport vehicles with their correspondent decals, 

interior ambient sounds, rotating beacon, complete terminal A interior to the real-world counterpart 

and renew the jetways models to new and high detailed ones. Also, I will be making the airport more 

FPS friendly and animate jetways in terminal A opposed to a t-bridge animation it should have and give 

it the movement of a modern type as on terminal B (unrealistic). Original windsock colours and other 

elements I can not promise.

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