Latest Update: 05/08/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- PMS-50 GTN 650 integration

- FDE Tweaks

- Wheel fairing option saved with state

- Dome light texture position fixed

- Beacon light control assignments fixed

- Turn coordinator texture fixed

- EFB sounds on/off clickspots added

- EFB warning added for engine flooding due to incorrect primer usage. Flooding prior to flight can now be resolved either by following the POH checklist (engine start with mixture/fuel pump off) or by waiting for a short period. Flooding in flight will now cause temporary engine splutter rather than total failure.

- Cockpit texture tweaks for improved appearance

- Tutorial flight plan fixed

- KN62 inner knob animation fixed

- Sim Update V control system compatibility fixes:

  • Cabin heating controls
  • Parking brake lever
  • Window latch
  • HSI and DI knobs
  • GPS 100 ON/OFF button

Note: Further changes will be made to improve compatibility with the new Sim Update V control system. In the meantime, we suggest using the Legacy cockpit interaction system (see FAQ for more info: Cockpit Interaction System)

v0.1.1 - 23/07/2021

- Cockpit panel surface texture lacking contrast under certain lighting conditions - fixed

- Clean cockpit texture option added

- Cabin door texture issue - fixed

- Engine start issue when using Honeycomb yoke - fixed PLEASE READ THIS FAQ

- Wheel fairings now enabled by default

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