Latest Update: 03/07/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

- Added P3dv4 compatibility.
- replaced green taxiway light, corrected the floating.
- Added new models in the north west of the airport  a dirt mine
- Improved photoreal image in north west of the scenery
- Improved  runway sign marks  for better view
- Improved Approach lights in 35L 35R 17L


- Fixes flickering lights


- Added lights for Cat3 and fixed edge lights on the end and start of the runway


- Fixes occasional problem with SODE
- Other minor fixes


- Flickering window on terminal1
- Fix double ground sign
- Fix Photoreal seasons color to match FTX
- Fix Photoreall for better performance
- Fix Model's for better performance
- Fix Runway lights by adding low visibility, rain, snow
- Add model's for NDB, ILS
- Add 2 starting point on runway's 35R, 17L
- Change XML for SODE Jetway to serve big aircraft on two doors
- only FSX: Fix Ground polygon flickering
- only P3D: The new Installer will add the option for 1024X1024 texture for better performance

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