Latest Update: 09/07/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- SODE fix due to changes in the latest version of SODE engine
- New Effect files for better Dynamic Lighting


- All airports: Dynamic Lights, P3Dv4 native ground poly, weather-dependent lighting, enhanced SODE objects, fixed taxiway centerline lighting, updated apron markings
- EPGD: New DHL Cargo building, enhanced car parkings, better GSX compatibility, new mesh around the airport
- EPKT: New ATC tower, new cargo apron, new static aircraft
- EPRZ: New G and Z taxiways, new Air Club building and the old one removed, new MGGP Aero building, new AirRes building, new taxiways and refurbished hangar in OKL, mesh fixes, GSX-compatible jetway
- EPLB: New ground poly (FSX and P3Dv4 formats), new terminal with interior plus the East section, new train and rails, new HEMS base, new handling vehicles, new fences and SODE-controlled gate, new Swidnik buildings, new objects at the terminal parking and a new mesh.


- Airport lights can now be switched on with NAV2 set at 112.0MHz or at ILS frequency of a particular runway. This will make autoland day landings possible with lights switched on.

- An additional option in the installer to switch airport lights ON permanently

- New, more realistic textures for runway lights


- New H taxiway with all markings and lighting

- New snow layer

- New rain layer


- New fully customized lighting that can be conditionally switched ON at any time of the day by selecting 112.00MHz on NAV2

- The above fix includes upgraded light effects, especially on apron light poles - they look much more realistic now

- Fixes at EPKT KJatowice including fixed stand numbering and some texture related issues

- Fixed mesh issue at EPLB Lublin

- Checked and fixed navaids - localizers, glideslopes etc.


- Unfortunately the developers have not provided any information about this update to the software.


- New volumetric grass

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