Latest Update: 09/05/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


Changelog (only P3D V4):

- Implemented aircraft global condition; each airplane with unique board number will have own persistent condition of its engine, fuel system, electric system, lighting system, gauges, switches, etc.

- Improved engine simulation: a water in a fuel and a metal chip in the oil will affect the engine's work

- Cold start will cause engine power loss

- Fixed engine startup if the magnetos has been switched off

- Fixed assertion in the fuel tank selector

- Fixed crash after several flight restarts

- Fixed the sound of the starter when the battery became discharged during spinning of the flywheel

- Improved radio logic - increased stability

- Starter switch will stick to "clutch" position to help a pilot to engage magnetos by mouse to start engine more authentically

- Added lamp that signalize when the passenger door is opened

- Tuned engine startup probability in cold weather conditions

- Added sound for oil cowl

- Added cargo door logic

- Added maintenance panel (shift-2) to maintain engine/fuel/electric/lighting systems

- Improved support of LINDA

- Implemented simulation of CHT

- Implemented heater to start engine in cold conditions

- Reduced lag of the manifold pressure reading

- Improved slats behavior

- Added a flying pet to the cockpit

- Added military version of An-2 and VKS livery

- New Aeroflot livery USSR-92962

- Modelled passenger cabin

- Modelled cargo cabin

- More authentic cockpit of SP-ASR

- Partially implemented ICOM IC-A210 for SP-ASR cockpit


- New build

- Updated logic of AGK-47B

- SP-ASR: whiskey texture fix

- SP-ASR: added cockpit texture first set

- 3105K: wing and cowl flaps textures fix

- Fixed dll loading if addon is installed in another folder than ôDocsö

- Dll loads only when the addon starts

- Sim failures support improved

- Landing lights glass texture fix

- PO-500: improved electric scheme simulation

- Voltage button fix

- Cold and Dark do not more affect oil and fuel


- Tweak for flight model

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