New features and fixes introduced by this update:

- Base to Base job generation issue resolved.

- AH should now correctly identify helicopters and apply no runway length restriction to them - you'll need to reimport the helicopters for that to show however.

- Accepted jobs which expire by more than 14 days will be automatically failed with the AI rep loss amount (i.e. -1).  AH will remove the appropriate jobs first time after you patch with no penalty.

- You can now sort properly by "Delivery In" time (was alpha previously).

- AH will no longer crash if you own no bases.


Issues addressed in previous update:

- Compatibility with OrbX and other zero-width scenery runways.

- Fixed issue with Aircraft not showing on the Radar.

- When purchasing multiple aircraft of the same type, they're now numbered correctly.

- You can now repair a percentage of the aircraft, rather than just to 100% (note AI cannot do partial repairs, they always repair to 100%).

- You can now hide in-active aircraft/bases from the map screens.

- A new news page pop-up on launch.

- Fixed an issue with importing aircraft.cfgs with loads of commented out lines.

- Added Twitter OAuth support to account for new required access method.

Please click on the link below to download this update. Once downloaded, please run the application and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Please note, DVD users must insert the disk into your disk drive at all times during this installation.

English Version


German Version