The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Custom VOR1/VOR2
- IRS connection to ADI and HSI
- Optimized Animations Control
- 2D Trottle Quadrant panel
- EICAS Messages fix
- ADF switches synchronization
- Overhead 2D\3D L-R Packs synchronization
- CAUTION/WARNIG sounds fix
- 2D Video light fix
- Turb Hydr Press animation fix
- Taxi Light switch fix
- Startup PACK CONTROL fix
- Radar and EFIS panels night fix
- Wing anti ice switch fix
- No power no lights fix
- Anti collision switch fix
- VOR/OBS fix
- RDMI DME fix
- Gen Drive Disc fix
- Fuel Flow fix
- Overhead simicon fix
- Tooltips fix
- VC IAS fix
- VC MACH fix
- GPWS lights/sounds fix
- 2D Panels titles fix
- 2D Panels shift+(number) call fix
- 2D overhead panel graphics fix
- Center Tank fix
- Metric ADI RA fix
- AutoBrake System fix
- Brakes message fix
- FS flightplan import fix
- 50 feet callout fix
- Green arrow on HSI fix
- APU intake animation fix
- No VC models fix
-TAT fix

- Undock 2D panel fix
- WXR compatibility fix
- Start menu icon fix
- VC: HDG Sel Knob fix

- VNAV fixes and updates
- Aircraft selection fix
- HSI Path fixes and updates
- HOLD fix
- TP Holds (Hold one circle, Hold until alt, Hold until manual)
- TP procedure turns support
- IAP support
- Wind Data support

Sound and voice:

- Seatbelt sound fix
- No smoking sound fix
- RA approach callouts fix
- A/T disconnect sound fix
- Bank angle warning sound fix
- Altitude alert sound fix
- Crew Messages Player Panel

This update requires that the Just Flight 757 DVD be in the drive when the update is run. Once the update has downloaded, click on the file to run the update and then follow the on-screen instructions.