The aircraft is fitted with an automatic gear extension system. The system automatically extends the landing gear when engine power is reduced with the airspeed at or below approximately 87 KIAS. The system is triggered by differential air pressure sensed by a static source mast on the left side of the fuselage.

The emergency gear lever (located between the two front seats) can also be used to override the automatic gear extension system. The lever has three positions:

  • UP – automatic extension system overridden. Used for situations such as take-off, practising stalls and low speed handling, and for maximising glide ratio. AUTO EXT OFF light flashes.
  • MID – automatic extension system enabled. Landing gear will automatically extend when power is reduced below 14 inches of manifold pressure and airspeed drops below 87 KIAS.
  • DOWN – push down for manual emergency gear extension when below 87 KIAS.