Latest Update: 08/01/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


 - The docking animation has been improved.


- Integrated jetways on all parking positions (SAM Plugin required)

- Integrated marshallers on remote stands (SAM Plugin required)

- Removed 70.000 unnecessary polygons in instanced objects


- Taxiway Center Lights Color corrected

- TerraMAXX compatible (autumn+winter)


- Fixed XP10: Static Aircrafts not visible

- Fixed XP10: Missing Tree Library


- Missing asphalt on Apron added

- Static Aircrafts implemented (draw static aircrafts should be switched on)

- Animation-Plugin for better controlling of the animation (VFR helper)

- Textures adapted for XPlane 11

- Animated REGA-hangar

- Added hospital helipads in Zurich


- Corrected Taxiway Lead-Off Lights

- Updated Cement-Texture

- Corrected river course


- De-icing Truck animation fixed. New frequency to call the de-icing truck now 121.635

- Winter textures added. The seasonal textures to replace the existing textures can be find in the folder ‚Seasonal Textures‘ )

- Taxi/Runway lights refurbished

- Static GA aircraft added

- VFR parking positions added

- Light poles corrected


- Revised AFCAD-Files

- Correction of some taxiway signs

- Docking systems of parking position E20/E22 has been corrected

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