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A400M Airlifter Changelog
Latest Update: 19/05/2006 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: SP1 - Fixed loading issue Please click on the link be...
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A400M Flight Simulator X Update
This update makes the Just Flight boxed version of A400M Airlifter compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Please click on the link below to downl...
Under FSX, Using Cargo View, I Can't See The Cargo Bay
In the cockpit, be sure to open the cockpit door before getting into the cargo bay.
Upon Loading The Aircraft And Clicking 'Fly Now', FS2004 Shuts Down Without Any Errors
Please download the Service pack from here.
My Aircraft Appears To Have No Textures/Is Appearing White
If you are running Windows Vista and have a DirectX 10 graphics card, Service Pack 2 installs a selectable preview mode to show how Flight Simulator will lo...
I Am Using The A400M Airlifter In FSX And I Cannot Operate The Cargo Doors
Unfortunately this feature is not available in FSX