Just Flight - A340 Professional


A340 Professional Users Who Have A Non-English Version Of Flight Simulator 2004 Experiencing Problems Accessing Saved Flight Plans In The FMC?
Users of A340 Professional who have a non-English version of Flight Simulator 2004 will have been experiencing problems when trying to access saved FS fligh...
I Cannot Control The Elevators
This product requires a joystick. The elevators cannot be controlled using a keyboard.
CD/DVD Emulation Error
Error Message: Cannot Locate the CDROM. CD/DVD emulation software has been detected. Please disable all CD/DVD emulation software and restart the game.   Y...
FSUIPC Warning When Loading FS
Users who have updated there installation of Microsoft's FS2004 to Version 9.1 via Microsoft's official patch may find that Flight Simulator will cr...
When Sitting On The Runway The Aircraft Appears To Be Bouncing Up And Down On The Runway.
Unfortunately this is due to a bug in flight sim itself and cannot currently be addressed.
I Have Problems Getting The Aircraft To Turn Whilst In Push-Back Mode.
Please change the Push-back key assignment from Shift+P to an alternative such as Ctrl+P and this should resolve the problem.
When Using "Time Compression" Mode The Aircraft Becomes Unstable
The Airbus software is not compatable with time compression modes above x2.