Just Flight - Battle of Britain: Hurricane

Product Changelog

Battle of Britain - Hurricane Changelog
SP1 - Hurricane now has two-stage flaps - Door operation now easier - Rudder reversal fixed - Turn and slip indicators fixed 11.4MB
Sat, 29 Feb, 2020 at 5:20 PM


Paint Kit
To download the paint kit, please click on the download link below. 8MB
How Do I Open The Hatches/Doors?
You can open the canopy, the engine access panels and cockpit door, inspection panel and gun hatch on the starboard side by pressing: Shift+E, Shift+E+2...
How Do I Fire The Guns?
To fire the guns, press the 'Smoke system' key. By default this is assigned to the 'i' key.
How Do I Get The Ground Starting Cart To Appear?
To enable the ground starting cart, use the button located between the artificial horizon and vertical speed indicator:
How Do I Jettison The Canopy?
You can jettison the canopy by pulling the red lever, found to the left of the pilot's seat: