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Product Changelog

Tornado GR1 Changelog
Please refer to this support entry if you are using the Aerosoft boxed version. Please refer to this support entry if you are using the Just Flight boxed ...
Sat, 24 Mar, 2018 at 9:34 PM


Tornado Manuals
Please feel free to download the Tornado GR1 manuals using the links below. Tornado GR1 Manual: Tornado GR1 Operating Data Manual:
I Am Experiencing Performance (FPS) Issues
Please ensure that you are running the latest version of the Tornado GR1 - currently Service Pack 5. See details here. Please also ensure that you are not r...
I Have Enabled The Payload/Ordnance Using The Navigator TV Displays But They Aren't Visible On The Model
The pylons on which the payload/ordnance is located need to be enabled before it will appear on the model. Select the payload/ordnance position (e.g. Strb In...
Why Can’t I Move The Throttle Levers Past The MAX DRY Position?
The throttle levers are limited to the MAX DRY position under the following conditions: - The TAXI NOZZLE has been selected to the OPEN position - Either...
How Can I Sweep The Wings?
The wings can be swept either by using the flap control assignments (e.g. F5 > F8) or by moving the sweep lever found on the throttle quadrant. 
Tutorial - The Aircraft Is Not Loading In A Cold & Dark State
Please refer to page 39 and 40 of the manual. To configure the aircraft in a cold & dark state, click on the ‘Toggle Power’ icon which is located on the...
Why Can I Hear A Warning Sound?
A ‘lyre bird’ warning sound will be triggered by one of the following: - One or more red captions on the Central Warning Panel (CWP) are illuminated. Refer...