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Traffic 360 (DVD Users Only) Changelog
The below log shows all updates for this product since release: This update brings the boxed version of Traffic 360 up to the same version as the downl...
Tue, 18 Aug, 2020 at 12:57 PM


When Using Shift + P To Pushback My Aircraft, The Tug Touches My Aircraft And FSX Crashes Resetting My Flight.
In order to resolve this, please switch off the crash detection in the FSX Realism settings. You can find it in FSX > Settings > Realism.
I Cannot See Any AI Traffic After Installing Traffic 360
Important: If you are using the Traffic 360 Upgrade version of this product, or have previously used another version of Traffic (e.g. Traffic X), please mak...
I Can See AI Aircraft But They Don't Appear To Be Moving
Traffic 360 uses real world schedules and therefore the rate of aircraft movements is less than that in Traffic X (or older Traffic products).
Missing Buttons In The Traffic Control Centre / Unable To Move Aircraft Into The 'Flyable Hanger' Column
To fix this problem, please select the Smaller - 100% (default) option from the Display menu within the Windows Control Panel:
AI Aircraft Parked Inside Buildings / AI Aircraft Taxiing On Grass / Airport Scenery Not Working After Installing Traffic 360
Please make sure that the Traffic 360 Airport Facilities entry on the Scenery Library list is placed below the entries for any of your add-on scenery. The S...
I Am Getting An Error Message Stating That There Are Multiple Objects With The Same Title Name
Please uninstall Traffic X and Traffic 360, and then install only Traffic 360 to resolve this issue. This applies to both the full and upgrade versions ...
Traffic 360 Manual - GERMAN
Please click on the link below to download the GERMAN manual for Traffic 360. 215MB