Latest Update: 16/06/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- This small update corrects a texture error on the wingtop surfaces and a missing lightmap for the AHI horizon bar night lighting in the VC.


- This patch corrects the faulty engine start behaviour on No.1 and No.4 engines due to fuel starvation.
NOTE: In any manual engine start (i.e. not Ctrl+E) it is imperative that a suitable pause is made between the "start"and "mesh"switch operation. Using the engine primer between these two switch operations should suffice but in any case, the start switch must be given time to energise the starters.


- Engine number 3 propeller now displays correctly on the metal finish model. 


- Many small improvements to the models

- New configuration panel to allow extra range fuel tanks to be employed

- Special manual start "one-click" set-up facility

- Revisions to instrumentation and more


- New B-17F-30 model and new liveries (“The 8 Ball”, “Black Jack”, "Birmingham Blitzkrieg” and “Wulf Hund”)

- New high-definition 'wear' textures - improved textures with 'war weary' effects and shading for added realism

- New dimensional propellers - special blurred propeller textures to add 'body' to side view

- Additional firing waist guns - waist gunners can now be configured to fire their .50 caliber guns

- Bomb reload facility - additional feature added to the configuration panel which reloads bombs once back at base without having to reload the flight

 -Numerous improvements to exterior/interior models - improved functionality on many of the cockpit controls, bugs fixed

- Improved paint kit and revised owners manual

IMPORTANT! If you have added additional liveries above those supplied by default then these will be lost during re-installation of the product. You will need to re-install these after installation.

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