1. Turn all crew members knobs on the audio panel ON.

2. Make sure the buttons for each voice is illuminated on the radio stack look in the manual under check and set for more detail, its still tricky to get them to turn on all the time though.

3. Check the volume

4. Open up TCE...it should have put a short cut on the desk top. If not go thru the program menu. Choose the Config tab and choose the voice nationality. It may be off. When in the Sim, hit Shift + 2 to bring up the short cut commands box. Click on the speaker and turn on all the lower buttons on the pop up window. You should now have voices along with the text.

If you have installed the original version of the 727 (FS2002 only) into FS2004 then the voices will not work without first installing the FS2004 update available from this forum.