Latest Update: 20/07/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Service Pack 1

- Various speed sign changes including an incorrect sign at Bicester North (100/60 rather than 60/100).

- Fixing of tunnel decals near High Wycombe.

- Fixing of missing textures on buildings at night.

- Fixing of flickering textures on buildings at night.

- Fixing of lampposts through rail bridges at Leamington.

- Misaligned station name sign at Leamington Spa station fixed.

- Thame Parkway station buildings and housing added.

- Missing bridge textures issue resolved.

- Fixing of assets set to "low detail" in route editor,100+.

- Minor signalling changes.

- Signal "TAB" message added to 1Y45 scenario near Wembley .

- Quick Drives updated.

- Chiltern Class 165 Quick Drive consists now have 2, 3, 4 and 6 car consists.

- Coaches disappearing on the 1H35 scenario corrected.

- Fix to wall near Finchley Road to remove arches.

- London Underground station name signs added

- Platform details added to London Underground stations.

- Fix to Leamington Theatre box.

- Fix to Bull Ring Sizing.

- Fix to Wembley Platform to enable passenger loading/unloading.

- Fix to reported missing assets.

- Fix to Banbury North Box placement (was too far South)

- Fix to Birmingham Bound Stopper scenario to allow doors to open on both carriages.

- Fix to add Haddenham & Thame station building and housing estate.

- Fix to Banbury Platform 1A to allow doors to open.

- Various misc. minor adjustments.

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